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Cyber Monday February 13, 2012

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Cyber Monday is the term given to the Monday immediately following Black Friday.  It’s the biggest and greatest day for online shopping of the year.  It got its start from Americans taking advantage of the high-speed Internet connections at work to buy items they couldn’t find in the stores after a long Thanksgiving weekend of shopping.

Some of the great things about Cyber Monday:

  • Shop in comfort.  There’s no need to go out into the chaos of Black Friday.  You can stay at home in your pajamas with your laptop and shop in peace.
  • No lines.  Just a few simple clicks.
  • Fantastic deals.  As day has become better known, more and more stores are taking advantage and offering amazing deals.


Picture taken from: zazzle

Screen shot taken from Wikipedia page Cyber Monday

Things to know to conquer Cyber Monday:
  • is a website that will inform you of some of the best deals going on.  Not only is this site an asset for cyber monday but they share great online deals year-round. 
  • You can also text 77013 for deals of the hour.  While not necessary, with sales constantly being updated and announced having a constant source straight from your phone can be useful.
  • Do research first.  There are many deals for electronics on Cyber monday but online is not the ideal way to shop for expensive items. When buying a flat screen HDTV, it always helps to see what you’re getting before you commit.  However, if you research what you want first, the deals on cyber monday along with the comfort of not having to wait in those lines or camp outside of Best Buy for hours is a beautiful thing.

For more tips here is a special by CBS News online

So remember, Cyber Monday this year will be on November 26, and it may be a great option for you to shop in comfort and take advantage of great online deals.


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