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Hungry? February 19, 2012

Filed under: Shopping hints — Emily Wagner @ 3:33 pm

If the answer is yes, ordering food online is getting progressively easier.  Food is only a few clicks away.  Everyone is aware that restaurants now have websites that allow you to easily order online. This is extremely convenient when you have a computer and internet access around. But it’s annoying when all you have is your phone.

There’s an app for that.  Not surprisingly, restaurants have taken advantage of smart phones.  Everyone almost always has their cell phone attached to them and you do not need access to wifi to get online.

Here are a few apps that you should download in case hunger strikes you when all you have is your phone/ipod:

Chipotle ordering

  • pay with a credit card from your phone/ipod or just pay at the store
  • locate the nearest chipotle
  • see the full menu of options and customize your order-exactly as you would in the store
  • save favorites for next time-makes ordering faster
  • won’t deliver- but when you get to the store you don’t have to wait in line.

Pizza Hut

  • This app allows you to go through the steps of building your pizza yourself in a simulated experience.
  • You can shake, tilt and pinch your phone as you arrange the ingredients exactly how you want them on your pizza and pizza hut will build you a real pizza based on your creation.
  • You can also use “demo mode” to play with the features without placing an order.

Some other restaurant apps worth checking out:

  • Dominos
  • Papa John’s
  • Jason’s Deli


  • This app is special because with My Cards you can pay straight from your iphone/itouch at the store
  • Check your balance/reload your card/view your transaction history
  • You can send an eGift to a friend
  • Store Locator
  • Create and share your favorite beverages
  • Access to the menu
  • Information on job opportunities

These apps are obviously not necessary.  Ordering food online is convenient and the special features that allow you to customize are cool but I think the option to order over the phone should always remain.  Ordering online is flashier but it shouldn’t be the only option.


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