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Shopping Mall…on Facebook? March 4, 2012

Filed under: Shopping hints — Emily Wagner @ 10:07 pm

Shopping Mall powered by Payvment, is a Facebook App that offers a virtual shopping mall with over 100,000 merchants selling on Facebook.  I know a lot about shopping malls. I live less than twenty minutes away from King of Prussia Mall which is the largest shopping mall on the East Coast and larger than the Mall of America in terms of leasable retail space.  I’ve spent a lot of time there but the massive size of this mall is still daunting.  It’s hard to know where to go; I’ve gotten lost in that mall a few times.  

This is what makes a virtual shopping mall on Facebook so great.  Not only does it have 250 times more stores than one of the largest malls in the country, but it’s all online. That means no transportation, no walking in between stores, no lugging bags around, and all of your purchases are delivered to your door- or whichever door you want your gifts to be sent to.

Payvment’s Facebook App, lets anyone create a retail store.  It lets you set up products, categorize them, post pictures, list terms of service and shipping options and more.  For sellers, once they’ve set up an online shop a separate tab will show on their profile under “storefront.” 

When you enter the app, it shows you Featured Sellers, Bestsellers, and items recommended for you based on your Facebook activity.  On the lef,t it shows all the categories you can look through some including Arts & Entertainment, Clothing & Accessories, Electronics, Sporting Goods, Baby & Toddler and more.  The site also offers a search bar for you to search for specific items.  

When looking through items you are given the option to “want”, “like”, and/or “order.” The app also gives you your own profile.  It categorizes all items that you want, like, own, and have ordered.  It also shows you which of your friends are also using the app.  When you click on your friends that use the app it will show you their profile which lists items that they want like and own.  

I just joined the app and went through to click a few things that I like and own.  Here are screen shots that I took when looking at my Shopping Mall profile:  




This brings up the topic that we have discussed a few times in class:  How social medias are making buying gifts more impersonal.  Shopping for your friends just got a lot easier with this app.  You can see items that they like and items that they already own to help you gauge what to purchase for them.  Some might argue that this makes it less personal.  However, I think that this is a good thing.  You still took time to think about what they want but instead of making a guess you went to a reliable source.  


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