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Shopping Mall…on Facebook? March 4, 2012

Filed under: Shopping hints — Emily Wagner @ 10:07 pm

Shopping Mall powered by Payvment, is a Facebook App that offers a virtual shopping mall with over 100,000 merchants selling on Facebook.  I know a lot about shopping malls. I live less than twenty minutes away from King of Prussia Mall which is the largest shopping mall on the East Coast and larger than the Mall of America in terms of leasable retail space.  I’ve spent a lot of time there but the massive size of this mall is still daunting.  It’s hard to know where to go; I’ve gotten lost in that mall a few times.  

This is what makes a virtual shopping mall on Facebook so great.  Not only does it have 250 times more stores than one of the largest malls in the country, but it’s all online. That means no transportation, no walking in between stores, no lugging bags around, and all of your purchases are delivered to your door- or whichever door you want your gifts to be sent to.



Hungry? February 19, 2012

Filed under: Shopping hints — Emily Wagner @ 3:33 pm

If the answer is yes, ordering food online is getting progressively easier.  Food is only a few clicks away.  Everyone is aware that restaurants now have websites that allow you to easily order online. This is extremely convenient when you have a computer and internet access around. But it’s annoying when all you have is your phone.

There’s an app for that.  Not surprisingly, restaurants have taken advantage of smart phones.  Everyone almost always has their cell phone attached to them and you do not need access to wifi to get online.

Here are a few apps that you should download in case hunger strikes you when all you have is your phone/ipod: