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Cyber Monday February 13, 2012

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Cyber Monday is the term given to the Monday immediately following Black Friday.  It’s the biggest and greatest day for online shopping of the year.  It got its start from Americans taking advantage of the high-speed Internet connections at work to buy items they couldn’t find in the stores after a long Thanksgiving weekend of shopping.

Some of the great things about Cyber Monday:

  • Shop in comfort.  There’s no need to go out into the chaos of Black Friday.  You can stay at home in your pajamas with your laptop and shop in peace.
  • No lines.  Just a few simple clicks.
  • Fantastic deals.  As day has become better known, more and more stores are taking advantage and offering amazing deals.




The two sides of online shopping February 5, 2012

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With the uprising of the internet, the daily habits of many people have changed.  One aspect of everyday life that has been significantly affected is shopping.  Not only shopping for clothing- but shopping for anything including gifts and groceries.  What used to involve a tiring trip involving transportation, searching, and waiting in lines has been transformed into a few simple clicks.  As an introduction to this blog I’d like to discuss a few pros and cons of electronic shopping:


  • Available at all hours of the day.  This is extremely convenient.  Finding times when you are free to shop that fit within a store’s hours of operation can prove very difficult.
  • Can shop from any location with internet access.  This eliminates having to travel to different locations and can save a lot of time.  This also makes it a lot easier to purchase things that come from two different stores.
  • No lines. 
  • Easier for parents.  Lugging children around be exhausting.
  • Can pick and choose items privately.  This makes it easier to purchase items that some people may be embarrassed to hand to a cashier.


  • You can only view what fits on one page at a time.  It is easier to view all options quickly when you are standing in the store.
  • Cannot shop without internet connection. 
  • Can’t buy with cash or checks. 
  • Cannot physically see the item.  This is what I would argue is the biggest con.  In bookstores you can read a view pages before buying the book.  In clothing stores you can hold and try on the item before purchasing it.  Seeing the item in person makes a big difference.
  • Shipping and handling prices can get exorbitant. 

The nature of shopping is continuously adapting to new forms of technology. Not only are more and more websites comparing deals and offering coupons popping up but other electronic mediums are providing shopping assistance.